I’m not available for hire right now.

Please do reach out anyway if you have any interesting projects and we can talk!

This page is currently under construction! In the near future it will contain more information about me, my skills and how to hire me.

I have experience and passion for various fields around computer science. From infrastructure with Nix, training, functional programming to web development. You can find various projects of mine on my GitLab.


Shoot me an email at or take a look at the contact information on the home page if you have any questions or ideas for projects you would like me to work on with you.

What I Do

This section is work-in-progress. I focus on four main areas of expertise.


I use Nix & NixOS to create reliable, declarative & reproducible computing infrastructure, in servers, networks and for DevOps, and know my way about things like Docker and general Linux system administration as well. I self-host this website and a collection of web services, and I help administrate the web services the computer science student body at my university provides as a volunteer.


I’m passionate about passing on knowledge and skills. Contact me if you need someone for things like talks, workshops or seminars for your company or your team.

Software Engineering

I focus on functional programming and type systems in general to help me create reliable high-quality software, but I know my way around a wide collection of programming languages, frameworks and technologies. The programming languages I’m most comfortable in are Haskell, Python and Scala.


As university-trained computer scientist I know how to gather, compile and evaluate information. For example, if you’re looking for an independent evaluation of an interesting technology you’re considering using, I can compile a dossier about it, its pros and contras, and possible use cases in your organization.


This section is work-in-progress.