Sometimes I write blog posts about various things that interest me. You can find them below.

2023-06-22 Booting a Raspberry Pi 3B with UEFI and a Hybrid MBR

I got NixOS to boot with a vanilla UEFI bootloader on a Raspberry Pi 3B thanks to a hybrid MBR.

Part of the nixos-on-rpi series.

2023-06-16 Website Overhaul

I overhauled my website and have some plans for the future.

2023-06-10 Installing Vanilla NixOS on a Raspberry Pi 4B with UEFI

I installed NixOS on an RPi 4B, this time using the Raspberry Pi UEFI firmware and a vanilla bootloader.

Part of the nixos-on-rpi series.

2023-05-30 Installing NixOS on a Raspberry Pi 3B

I installed NixOS on a Raspberry Pi 3B. Here’s a write-up on the process, the problems I encountered and what I learned. Let me tell you: the Pi’s boot process is weird. Also it’s too slow to even evaluate my NixOS config so I had to build and deploy it remotely, and some other fun stuff.

Part of the nixos-on-rpi series.

2022-04-27 Blockchain is Dangerous Nonsense

I’ve been concerned about the excesses of the blockchain industry and their spread into all parts of society for some time now. Here I’ve summarized my thoughts regarding the subject.

2021-08-17 Bytegeschichten

I make a German-speaking podcast about computer science named “Bytegeschichten”.

2021-02-12 SVG: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

SVG, short for “scalable vector graphics” is a format for, well, scalable vector graphics. In this article I summarize my opinion of the format, what its problems are and suggest what could be done to improve things.

2021-02-11 Language Design: Machine or Human?

When designing a computer language, be it for programming, data exchange, document markup or configuration, the first thing you should do is decide as to whether your language is meant for use by humans or by machines. Well, obviously, every language will be used by both, but still, who is your main target audience?

2020-11-08 Das System ist das Problem

My friend Jonas and I are now making a German-speaking podcast named “Das System ist das Problem”.

2020-07-23 My Bachelor Thesis

I recently turned in my bachelor thesis. I don’t have the results yet, but still, that’s a lot of pressure gone now. I hope that I’ll be able to use the free time until my first master semester starts to get some of my personal projects done.

2020-04-08 Routing Specific Docker Containers Through WireGuard VPN with systemd-networkd

A simple solution for routing specific docker containers through a WireGuard VPN using only two simple systemd-networkd files, no cumbersome wg or ip calls.

2020-04-02 The EU’s First Dictatorship

Hungary is now the EU’s first dictatorship. And the EU is doing – nothing.

2019-11-15 Update on Speed Limits

A small update on speed limits on expressways.

2019-10-12 Speed Limits on Autobahns

In Germany the discussion about an introduction of a general speed limit on freeways has rekindled. Again. Should it be introduced or not?

2019-10-08 Frankfurt am Main

Over the weekend I went on a trip to Frankfurt am Main. For the first time in a while, I took some time to take some photos with my camera and some turned out quite well.

2019-09-27 E-Scooters

Electrical kick scooters are conquering cities around the globe. They are fun, practical and environmentally friendly – allegedly, that is.

2019-09-26 My New Blog

The first version of my new website is online.