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The EU’s First Dictatorship

Date: 2020-04-02 Tags: Politics, Liberty, Authotarianism, EU

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Hungary is now the EU’s first dictatorship. And the EU is doing – nothing.

Viktor Orbán speaking for the EPP in 2014. 1

So, in hungary the parliament just gave premier minister Viktor Orbán the power to rule by decree and suspended itself, for the duration of the coronavirus crisis. So in essence Hungary is now a dictatorship and somehow I don’t believe that Orbán will drop that power anytime soon.

Meanwhile the EU and especially Orbán’s colleagues from the EPP (The European People’s Party, the European Party the German CDU/CSU is part of) mostly captivate with silence or mild criticism. President of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen (Germany, CDU) actually brought herself to criticize the law directly (with a few days delay, maybe I should mention that the votes of Orbán’s party Fidesz were essential in heaving von der Leyen into her position as commission president :clown:). She said that, if necessary, the commission would act against it.

Oh well. Action against the advancing authoritarianism and destruction of democracy and liberty in Hungary has been necessary for some years now. But nothing will happen this time, as always, and the EU has its first proper dictatorship.

  1. Image source, licensed under CC-BY-2.0↩︎

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