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Me Welcome! On this page you can find some background about me and this blog.


My name is Nicolas Lenz, or Eisfunke, and I’m a bachelor student of computer science at Technical University of Dortmund in Germany.

I’m chairman of the student body of the computer science faculty, I work as tutor and I participate in the FOSS-AG.



This blog is built with Nebelhorn. That means that I write the articles and pages using simple Markdown syntax.

You can browse the source files of this website on my GitLab. If you find any errors, even spelling mistakes, please open an issue or even open a merge request and I’ll look into it.

I deploy this website using GitLab Pages. That means: I can change something on my PC, directly in my GitLab or even on my mobile phone. I push the change using Git. Then my server automatically builds the website through GitLab CI/CD using the latest version of Nebelhorn. Finally, it is published right here. It takes less than 40 seconds from upload to publishing.

The published site is static and guaranteed to be completely cookie- and JavaScript-free (I don’t like JavaScript).

Under the hood Nebelhorn is written in Haskell using Pandoc, a really great universal document converter. For more information about how Nebelhorn works under the hood look at its project site.